Your Hobby is Their Career

Your Hobby is Their Career

Let’s do some math together.
The hypothetical timeline of a Christian worker in an unreached or under-reached area of the world.

  • 4 years of Bible college.
  • 3 years of seminary.
  • 2 years of raising support.
  • 1 year of learning the language.
  • 2 years of meeting in cafes and parks, building relationships, until the first convert.
  • 2 years of discipling a half-dozen Christians in their homes.
  • 2 years of building up a house church to a group of 25-30 people.
  • 6 months to pray for and identify a potential national pastor.
  • 18 months to train and disciple the national pastor.
  • 2 years of serving alongside the national pastor as they begin planting other churches, when it’s time for the Christian worker to move to a new area to start a new church-planting movement.

The total…20 YEARS!!!

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Local pastors and missionaries need short-term teams they can trust. They need servants who are willing to submit to the long-term vision, not their own short-term agendas.

Much goes into preparing for a team’s arrival, but infinitely more has gone into their day-to-day ministry before they ever agreed to host a team. And their ministry will, Lord-willing, continue long after a team leaves.

Short-term teams, leaders, and their sending churches/organizations must tread carefully and humbly. You are walking into someone else’s life-work.

Your hobby is their career.

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