Our Mission & Ministry

CULTURELink Inc.’s mission is to make disciples of those who will make disciples of all nations.

Our ministry is to enhance cross-cultural effectiveness through education, equipping, and exposure.

CULTURELink provides practical training and resources to enable churches, mission organizations, and corporations to impact others as they effectively serve in cross-cultural settings.

CULTURELink trains and prepares individuals, team leaders, and team members to successfully integrate into new cultural environments.  Whether moving to another country long term or visiting short term in order to provide disaster relief (earthquakes, floods), correct social injustices (illiteracy, sex trafficking), meet physical needs (AIDS, hunger, housing, medical) or expand and develop Christian ministries (church planting, discipleship programs),

CULTURELink enhances cross-cultural effectiveness.

CULTURELink emphasizes personal discipleship as well as ministry preparation as we:

  • Equip through seminars and resources.
  • Educate through consulting.
  • Expose through short-term trips.


Designed to train leaders to train teams, our seminars are highly relational, informative, and interactive. CULTURELink works with mission organizations, churches, and humanitarian groups, equipping them with the “how-tos” of team development and preparing them for cross-cultural challenges.
“Help! We’re Going on a Short-Term Trip!” provides fifteen hours of instruction and may be taught over two to three days. Each participant receives a Team Leader’s Manual complete with lesson plans for training sessions, step-by-step guidelines for discipling team members, and directives for planning the logistics of a short-term mission trip. Participants also receive a Team Member’s Manual filled with a collection of devotions, articles, and worksheets that cover all aspects of being an effective cross-cultural servant. These parallel manuals pave the way for a cohesive, linear training experience.
Led by an experienced CULTURELink instructor, seminar participants are guided through ten training sessions that equip them to prepare their teams before, during, and after their cross-cultural trips. CULTURELink’s hands-on training allows team leaders the opportunity to experience being part of a team themselves prior to assuming their leadership roles.

Our seminars are recognized by Perspectives of the World Christian Movement and by numerous Bible colleges that offer college credit to seminar participants. CULTURELink has conducted more than 70 seminars, training over 2500 people, both stateside and abroad. Team leaders have been equipped for ministry with churches and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the North American Mission Board, Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth With A Mission, and Operation Mobilization.

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CULTURELink’s Founder and President, Larry Ragan, uses his extensive experience to design solutions for churches and mission organizations that seek to build and enrich their mission programs. He creates and analyzes policies and procedures, budgets, and strategic partnerships in order to maximize an organization’s human and financial resources. He meets with mission committees, church planters, and mission agencies, developing procedures for deployment to and re-entry from the field.

Businesses and corporations also benefit from CULTURELink’s consulting services. We prepare employees and their families to relocate to new cultures and, in time, repatriate.  Cultural protocol training is provided to businessmen and women to enhance their business practices. Our clients have included REMAX China and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.

Larry’s cross-cultural experience spans over two decades and includes work in more than 50 countries as both a short-term and long-term missionary. Utilizing his Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, balanced with his Masters of Arts in both Christian Education and Cross-Cultural Ministries and his personal experience with non-profit corporations, Larry brings a unique structure, strategy, and sensitivity to an organization’s outreach endeavor.

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Through short-term trips, CULTURELink allows seminar participants to put into practice what they have learned in their training.  We match organizations with credible ministries worldwide, making it possible for them to have effective cross-cultural experiences. CULTURELink also personally leads specialized cross-cultural trips each year. For more information, contact us.

Whether your target is international or right next door, our mission is to make disciples of those who will make disciples of all nations.


In addition to CULTURELink’s strategy to equip, educate, and expose, our trainers are available to serve churches and mission organizations as itinerant speakers. To request information about our speakers’ availability, contact us.


Through education, equipping, and exposure, CULTURELink helps bridge cultural barriers faced by the organizations we serve. More effective humanitarian relief, increased Christian outreach, and stronger ministries are the ultimate benefit…changed lives are the ultimate result.