“My husband and I want to thank you for your CULTURELink training.  As full-time missionaries in Zambia, we have had many short-term teams visit us over the past eight years.  Some were good; some left a lot to be desired—not because there was anything wrong with anyone on the teams; all had great hearts and were eager and willing to be used by God on the mission field.  But their lack of direction in training or well-intentioned but poor leadership left many relationships sour. In fact, we are still dealing with the serious negative repercussions of these “well-intentioned” teams MANY years later.

One summer, we had two teams visit us in a short amount of time.  The difference we saw between them made us ask the successful team leaders, “What training did you use?” and “How did you get your team to be so prepared, focused, and flexible to whatever needed to be done?” The answer came back to your CULTURELink training.  We were so impressed with how the team was unified, how the leadership and team were more focused on serving the missionaries and their vision rather than implementing their own, and how they were willing to be flexible and do whatever was needed.

This team (and those coming after them from the same church) was such a blessing that CULTURELink training is now a permanent requirement for any team wanting to come and serve with us.  Your training has eliminated the common mistakes that cost us a lot in the field, even coming from the best-intentioned people.  We have seen it benefit us (and the people on the teams, as well) in ways too numerous to count—almost all of them come back with positive responses and experiences, even if what they did when here was nothing related to what they were hoping to do upon arriving.  Thank you for providing such an informative and practical training program that is so appreciated by all involved.  We no longer fear having teams come and help us but now look forward to it, thanks to you.”

With much appreciation and gratitude,
Jako and Amber Joubert
Mission of Love Community Orphanage
Mukamba, Zambia


“I participated in the CULTURELink seminar a week before my first overseas mission trip. Being inexperienced in both international travel and missions in general, I really had no idea what to expect or how to prepare myself beforehand. CULTURELink helped me prepare mentally and spiritually and provided thoroughly useful information for every aspect of the trip, from what to pack to how to process what is experienced on such a trip. My mission trip was 100% more successful, and I was 100% better prepared for having gone through this program. The curriculum will be my tool for preparing future teams—and myself—on every upcoming trip. Thank you!”

Jason Duncan
Unleash Team, Fellowship Bible Church
Little Rock, AR

“We love receiving teams that have been trained by CULTURELink. They come knowing how to partner with our ministry, understanding their host culture, and ready to make an impact for Christ. Larry and CULTURELink are invaluable to the short-term missions community!”

Lee Radford
Eagles Nest International

“I have been leading and facilitating mission trips for churches for the past six years, managing over 40 trips. I considered them all “successful” trips, but CULTURELink has helped me take my mission experiences to a whole new level. Mission trips are one of the greatest discipleship tools our churches have, yet we rarely use them to disciple our people well. CULTURELink gives you the tools and practical applications to not only disciple your people well, but also to train them to be more effective, sensitive, and relative in a cross-cultural setting. I would recommend CULTURELink to any church or mission trip leader!”

Brent Harrison, Founder/President
Experience Missions International
Atlanta, GA

“As the Partnership Development Director for North Point Community Church, I’m constantly looking for ways to help me develop as a leader. I’ve found CULTURELink to be fantastic. Whether you are a seasoned Missions Director or a first time short-term trip participant, CULTURELink is full of rich tools to help develop you for missions.”

Billy Nolan
globalX, North Point Community Church
Alpharetta, GA

“When my company transferred our family to Beijing, we had no idea of what to expect – and more importantly, “how” to expect. We knew things would be different, but it was Larry’s insight and ongoing consulting that helped us navigate the adjustments to living outside of the U.S. Any good HR department can set up housing, schools, etc, for expat life, but only CULTURELink provided us with the emotional and relational context of understanding how to make the experience an unquestioned success, both going to and coming home from China.”

Rick Yohn, Regional Vice President
RE/MAX International, Inc.
California & Hawaii

“Every year we send our new short-term team leaders to CULTURELink for training, and they love it! Not only is it entertaining and interactive, it equips them for team leadership in every area, from fund raising to dealing with crises, and everything in between. I would recommend it for anyone leading or sending a short-term team!”

Ginny Millen, Missions Coordinator
Mount Paran North Church of God
Marietta, GA

“Our church offered this program as a requirement to become one of their short-term mission leaders.  Following God’s call to lead a mission trip, I attended the seminar eager to learn more about my calling.  We were taught cultural concepts, logistics, team building techniques, scriptural foundations for discipleship, biblical guidelines, and more. I thank God for giving CULTURELink the vision to develop this ministry, and I am truly grateful for the benefits I received from attending.  I would instantly recommend them for leadership training to anyone developing short-term mission programs.”

Karen Wilson, Global Missions
First Baptist Church
Woodbridge, VA