International Partnerships & Projects

2018 BUDGET and GOAL: $55,000


Staying true to our mission to make disciples of those who will make disciples of all nations, CULTURELink stays the course with its training conferences, seminars, and consulting stateside, but is also engaged in strategic international partnerships and projects. To be in an international partnership with CULTURELink(CL), the following criterion must be met:

  • An International Partner must have a strong accountability in place for the personal, spiritual, and financial aspects of the ministry.
  • An International Partner’s ministry must be a gospel-centered ministry, not simply a humanitarian outreach. CL embraces a holistic approach to ministry that balances the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of mankind.
  • The International Partner’s ministry, led by nationals and/or missionaries on the field, must have clear goals and objectives. CL is committed to assisting our partners fulfill their objectives. We wholeheartedly embrace being the servants of their ministries, not the leaders.
  • The International Partner and CL leadership will conduct an annual evaluation assuring that the ministry, finances, and partnership is healthy. Both parties will determine if the partnership continues and if so, what the next goals will be.


Kenya $25,000.00
El Salvador 7000.00
Romania 5000.00
Costa Rica 6000.00
Global Missionary Care 5000.00
Curriculum Translation Project 7000.00

2018 International Partnership and Project Budget $55,000.00

Overview of Partnerships & Projects

Partnership #1:
Royal Kids School and Orphanage, and the Local Churches of Mikandani

In 2012 Adili Kea, a CULTURELink alumnus, left our seminar saying, “The teams my family have hosted in Kenya have left many scars on our ministry. We would love humble and healthy partners. Would CULTURELink work with us to fulfill our goals for the school, students, orphans, community, and local churches?”

From this request, an incredible partnership was born with Grace and Ngao Mazira, Adili Kea, Royal Kids School and Orphanage, the Mikandani community, and local churches. Kenya is CL’s most developed partnership and 2018 will mark the 5th anniversary of our work with the Maziras. The following is a brief update on our Kenya project accomplishments:

  • Orphans and impoverished students have been fed by CL’s partnership with SERV International. To date, over 2 million meals have been provided to the school and community.
    Eight CL short-term teams have been deployed to the Mikindani area to serve the churches, pastors, women, community, and school.
  • A well, a powered water pump, and a generator have been provided through the generosity of donors to CL’s International Fund, keeping the school supplied with water and power.
  • Through CULTURELink‘s investment, the school was equipped with a science lab and additional classrooms, ensuring that Royal Kids would receive government accreditation to expand their school to include high school grades 9–12. Along with their satellite school in a nearby community, the student body now consists of over 800 students.
  • Three of the school’s orphaned graduates have received scholarships for college, two through our partnership with Making a Positive Difference and one directly through CULTURELink‘s International Project Fund.
  • One of the most exciting things that has happened since our first Inductive Bible Studies class in 2013 is the birth of a movement to train women across Kenya—a movement we now call Daughters of the Word. These ladies have not only attended the four classes led by CULTURELink teams, but they are now traveling throughout Kenya to train and equip others. It is exciting for me to see them launching their own ministry, and it’s thrilling to see this movement continue to grow. Our strategy has now shifted from leading to guiding and supporting these women. The Daughters of the Word are now in the forefront to train others.
  • In addition, there are numerous stories of how CULTURELink has partnered with local churches to care for widows, conduct pastors’ conferences and seminars, and host women’s Inductive Bible Study conferences. We have also walked alongside many of these community leaders during difficult times in their lives. Suffice it to say that we are honored to minister with the churches in Mikindani and with Grace and Ngao Mazira, the founders of Royal Kids School.

2018 Kenya Budget

Strengthening the Local Church:
2 Pastoral Leadership Development Conferences $4000.00
2 Daughters of the Word Inductive Bible Study Training 4000.00

Investing in Education:
Food and School Supplies 4000.00
Classroom and Campus Facilities Expansion 5000.00
College Scholarships for 3 Royal Kids Graduates 4500.00

Community Care:
Pay the Rent and Community Care Program
(Widows, Orphans Care, and Student Health) 3500.00

Kenya Total: $25,000.00

Partnership #2:

Through conducting training seminars at First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA and assisting them in the deployment of healthy, strategic teams around the world, CULTURELink has been introduced and subsequently built strong relationships with national leaders and church planters in San Salvador. Beginning in 2015, the national leaders asked Ryan Hurlburt on the CL staff to come alongside to equip them in the sending of their own short-term teams throughout Latin America. Additionally, the CL staff are currently serving as mentors in the areas of leadership development and counseling. Lastly, we are assisting in the development of their programs to reach the marginalized in their community with the hope of Jesus Christ.

2018 El Salvador Budget

Ministry Development:
Short-Term Missions Team Development $2500.00
Program Assistance to Prostitutes and At-Risk Youth 2000.00

Leadership Development:
Short-Term Missions Team Development 2500.00

El Salvador Total: $7000.00

Partnership #3:

In 1997 Karen and Larry Ragan, founder of CULTURELink, became missionaries to Budapest, Hungary and Eastern Europe. During this time, they began working with ARC (Assisting Romania Churches) Ministries and Youth with a Mission (YWAM). Through ARC and YWAM, Larry was introduced to Pilu Hadarean, a new church planter to the Gypsy communities in Sighisoara, Romania and nearby areas. Over the last 20 years, Larry has served in an advisory role to Pilu and as a spiritual-life teacher to the different Gypsy congregations. To date five churches have been planted, after-school tutoring programs have been started, medical clinics established, and village schools formed. Larry has worked closely with Pilu through these efforts. In fact, recently Larry was the plenary speaker for the 20th anniversary of Manna Church. Manna Church is the first church Pilu planted. Annually Larry continues his involvement with Pilu through counseling, mentoring, and leadership development.

2018 Romania Budget

Ministry Development:
Church Planting Training and Strategy $2000.00

Leadership Development:
Pastoral Counseling and Mentoring 2000.00
Church Leadership Development 1000.00

Romania Total: $5000.00

Partnership #4:

When Ryan Hurlburt joined the staff of CULTURELink, he brought with him a long history with SCORE International. SCORE is a ministry that utilizes sports around the world to build contacts for church planters and to mentor students worldwide. CL’s training is recommended to all SCORE short-term teams and SCORE has asked CL to come alongside their staff in Costa Rica for cross-cultural training. Annually, Ryan takes teams from the states to work in Costa Rica where he spends a week with their staff training them on cross-cultural preparation and reentry back home issues.

Costa Rica Budget

Ministry Development:
Church Planting Strategy Development
Implementing the Acts 1:8 Strategy $3500.00

Missionary Equipping:
Missionary Care, Counseling, and Training 2500.00

Costa Rica Total: $6000.00

Partnership #5:

Frontiers is a mission agency that places workers in the most difficult and unreached-for-Christ areas in the world. Due to legal issues, many of their workers must serve in secret capacities. Twelve years ago Karen Ragan, wife of CULTURELink’s founder, partnered with various agencies to provide a conference where the ladies serving across North Africa, the Middle East, and various other countries where Christianity is illegal could come and to get rest, be refueled, and be restored. These workers serve in regions where persecution is severely administered to missionaries and national Christ-followers. Many face death threats and others have lost loved ones that were killed by the government. The conference led by Karen was extremely well received.

Because of this history, workers with Frontiers have approached CULTURELink and asked if we would begin working with them to host these R & R conferences across the unreached regions of the world. In 2018, CL Staff will go to undisclosed areas to learn and serve these workers. The goal is that by 2019, CL will take an active role in administering these conferences and bringing teams to counsel and care for these laborers in a variety of ways.

Global Missionary Care Budget

2018 Ministry Development:
Attending and Serving at Two Conferences in Undisclosed Locations $5000.00

Global Missionary Care Total: $5000.00


Numerous requests from across Latin America have been made to CULTURELink for our Help! We’re Going on a Short-term Trip! curriculum to be translated and contextualized into Spanish. Through the University of Chile in Santiago and Trinity College in Chicago, this project has been approved to begin in 2018. The process will include creating an e-book, translation, design, and distribution. In addition, once the curriculum is available the CL staff will begin travelling into Latin America to conduct training seminars and train national trainers to expand the CL ministry. While the project will cost more than $7000, our 2018 need is this amount.

Curriculum Translation Project

Translation of Curriculum into Spanish $4500.00
E-Book Development $1000.00
Leadership Training & Replication 1500.00

2018 Translation Project Need: $7000.00

We are thrilled to announce that 49% of this goal has already been met through alumni, strategic donors, churches, and foundations! We are grateful for God’s provision and are trusting Him to reach our goal. To give, click the button below.

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