Building and strengthening team leaders to make disciples of those who will make disciples of all nations is enhanced when they have the resources to enable them to experience personal growth and development, both practically and spiritually.

Our primary resource to equip leaders to guide disciple makers is CULTURELink‘s training curriculum Help! We’re Going on a Short-Term Trip! Informative and motivational, the Leader’s Manual walks team leaders step-by-step through the team training process, preparing them to confidently lead a group of short-term missionaries into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ so that they in turn can make disciples in the world for Him.

Each lesson in the Student’s Manual parallels the Leader’s Manual, assuring a cohesive and seamless training process.

We offer audio and video messages to encourage you in your own walk with God, as well as other resources to build your faith and provide helpful insight into leading a short-term mission team.

Whether you’re a veteran team leader or a novice embarking on your first journey, CULTURELink‘s resources will arm you with the knowledge and understanding to move forward with confidence as you “go into all the world.”