Helpful Links


Culture Crossing
One of the most thorough [free] resources we’ve come across with info on most countries around the world. General guidelines for daily interaction, as well as business-specific roles and student-oriented roles.

Operation World
Provides information, prayer guides, and other valuable resources to help you better understand and prepare to minister in more than 200 countries across the globe.

United Nations Background Notes
Compiled by the UN, this database includes demographics, stats, and other information on every country.

This UK-based website is a wealth of information on culture, social etiquette, customs, taboos, and business protocol.

U.S. People Groups
Taking data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the North American Mission Board has developed a mapping system to identify population demographics and the dispersion of people groups in a given area of major U.S. cities. Very helpful for mission teams serving in the U.S.



Mission Nation Travel
Our Contact: Randy Whiting (


Travel Document Systems
TDS provides excellent passport and visas information & services. Download visa forms off their website.

Passport Experts
For rush passport & visa services, replacing lost passports, this metro-Atlanta-based company promises to have your passport or visa in-hand in 48-72 hours.


Trip Armor and Other Short-Term Trip Insurance
CULTURELink is now offering the ability to purchase insurance coverage for your short-term trips through our organization! TripArmor policy is very unique, and some of the best coverage on the market.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC is the arm of the federal government dedicated to protecting health and promoting quality of life through the prevention and control of disease, injury, and disability. Its website offers current information on infectious diseases around the world and recommended immunizations for each country/region.

U.S. Department of State
Excellent resource for embassy information, passport applications and agency listings, travel tips and advisories, etc.

British Foreign Travel Advice
Similar to the US Department of State, this is the British governments resources for travel info and advisories around the world. We’ve found their site to be a good compliment to the info of the U.S. government if you’re uncertain about traveling to a certain location.


Learn A Language
FREE language learning resources for 19 different languages! Did we mention that it’s free?

BBC Languages
The BBC has a wealth of resources and guides to assist you in learning 40 different languages.

Google Translate
This is an obvious resource. But did you know that the mobile app now incorporates off-line technology that allows you to translate printed words instantly on your phone using your camera? Point your camera at a sign, for example, and the app translates the sign instantly on your screen. No internet connection needed! And of course, using your web browser, you can translate between almost every written language by typing a word or phrase, or copying & pasting text.



Inductive Bible Study by Precept Ministries International
The Inductive Study Method is an investigative approach to the Bible using three basic components: observation, interpretation, and application. Training seminars are hosted around the U.S. and they now offer online courses.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (cessationist perspective)
Elmer Towns is the co-founder of Liberty University and provides the spiritual gifts assessment used in his classroom at no cost to the general public. The test highlights 9 different spiritual gifts and was developed from a cessationist perspective.

Spiritual Gifts Test (non-cessationist perspective)
Free spiritual gifts inventory – adult and youth versions. These tests outline 19 different spiritual gifts. Although these assessments do not include the gift of tongues, healing, etc., these tests have been written from a non-cessationist perspective.

Secret Church Bible Studies
These in-depth biblical studies were originally developed by Pastor David Platt to provide free theological training for house-church pastors around the world (read more here). Each series has a video & audio version of the teaching session, a PDF of the completed study guide, and a PDF of the study guide with blanks to fill in. Also, each series has been transcribed into several different languages, including the audio version of the teaching sessions.

Bibles 4 Children
B4C helps publish and distribute Bibles, Bible storybooks, and other Gospel literature to the millions living in the regions dominated by Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. They partner with nationals, local and International organizations, relief organizations, proximate churches and others to help distribute these resources to children.


(resources for the uber-nerds like us)

The Hofstede Centre
For the budding anthropologist, the Hofstede Centre offers valuable tools to help you visualize cultural differences and their impact. Measure your own cultural preferences, research culture from an organizational perspective, and compare countries using graphs & charts. They also offer certification courses for corporate & training use.

Intercultures (Canadian Government)
Very hepful, practical info on several countries & cultures around the world…provided to the general public by the Canadian Government.

BBC News Country Profiles & Archives
Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions. Also includes audio and video clips from BBC archives.

Country Reports
A fee-based resource with a wealth of in-depth info on any culture you want to go to. It’s like having your own grad assistant to research cultural & country resources.