Short-Term Trips


CULTURELink will come alongside a church, youth group, or organization to lead short-term trips on their behalf. During the process, we will mentor your team leader, whether a staff member or volunteer, in the following areas: pre-field training & preparation, team building principles, practical tips for organizing logistics, healthy international partnerships, long-term vision & strategy for the sending & receiving church/organization, post-field debriefing & re-entry counseling.

CULTURELink has partnerships and/or connections to serve on any continent (well, except for Antarctica), amongst hundreds of people groups. Depending on your group and desired region of the world, you will be able to use various platforms to serve:

  • medical
  • sports
  • construction
  • community/economic development
  • inductive Bible study & personal discipleship
  • pastoral training
  • church planting
  • orphan & widow care
  • ministry to children
  • human trafficking
  • disaster relief
  • missionary care
  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • literacy & education

Our staff is able to utilize multiple resources to assist your church, youth group, or organization in the following ways:

  • managing logistics (airfare, in-country transportation, visas, accommodations, field-site activities, etc.)
  • fundraising & donor development
  • cultural training & ministry preparation
  • on-field counseling & mentoring
  • debriefing/re-entry counseling

If you’ve been asked to lead a trip and don’t know where to begin, or you’d like to lead a trip and just need additional manpower and resources, contact us. We’re here to serve.