Leadership is more than preparing people to do a ministry task. For the Christian, leadership means guiding people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Leadership means discipleship. Short-term team leaders often focus their energy primarily on the things that need to be done in preparation for their trips rather than responding to the higher calling of pouring themselves into their team members, spurring them on to maturity in Christ.

CULTURELink seminars and resources are designed to assist you in making disciples of those who will make disciples of all nations.  Our training philosophy is to help leaders become disciple makers, not simply task preparers.

When focused on discipleship, leaders will see their team members:

  • Mobilized long-term for God’s Kingdom
  • Become lifelong prayer warriors who intercede for the nations
  • Grow to be generous people who joyfully release their resources for God’s work
  • Experience the short-term mission trip as a step in their life development process, not merely a one-time experience

God has not called His people to go and build buildings or go and teach English as a second language or even go and do prayer-walking trips. He has called His people to go and make disciples. That is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We believe that when leaders make disciples of their team members, those team members will in turn “make disciples of all nations.”

This philosophy results in the mobilization of servants for long-term missionary service. Short-term missionaries not only impact the countries in which they serve, they impact the entire globe as they grow in their personal relationships with Christ and live lives focused on reaching the world with the hope and message of Jesus.

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